Apex Patent Licensing

Apex Patent Licensing is the licensing subsidiary of Apex Technologies, Inc.  Apex Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in 1996 to provide engineering services and technology licensing particularly in the field of 3-dimensional electronic circuitry extending technology.  More recently, Apex has concentrated on developing electrical and mechanical connection technologies to reduce constraints on the products from conventional, standalone connectors.  Currently, eight US patents have issued and several others are pending.  This technology (including patents, pending patent applications, prototype product designs and  supporting know-how) are available for licensing.  Depending upon previous licensing agreements, exclusive licenses or exclusive field-of-use will be considered.


We have over 60 years of product and technology development experience and have been inventors on more than 25 different US patents, many of which have foreign counterparts.  The majority of these patents were originally assigned to IBM, Ericsson, Napp Systems and Cymbolic Sciences, Inc.  The most recent patents from this team have been assigned to Apex Technologies Inc. and are available for licensing.  This website provides demonstrations of functional advantages of this technology.  Contact us for more detailed information.