Summary of Medical Connector Technology Benefits 

Many of the general advantages of our magnetic connector technology are demonstrated on the General Technology page.  Medical connector applications also benefit from the simplicity of design, ease of attachment, mechanical robustness and stable contact forces of those generic applications.  But the sealed planar contacts have distinct advantages when it comes to sterility and disinfection compatibility. The pins and sockets of conventional connectors are incompatible with wet exposure and even surface scratches in stainless steel can harbor bacteria for months. The sealed planar contacts can be immersed in disinfecting liquids. There is flexibility in the choice of exposed contact metallurgy to provide inherent anti-microbial characteristics with silver and copper, or to be compatible with liquid or gaseous sterilization processes. If you need voltage sources to be exposed to disinfecting liquids,these contacts can be made to only connect to the voltage source when connected as demonstrated with the game board in the General Technology page.

Sealed contact demonstration

The demonstration below provides visual evidence of this capability. Quite simply, if the electrical contacts on either side of the connection weren’t sealed, the puck wouldn’t light in this beaker of water. There are options for adapting FMI technology in ways for single-use or reusable sterile shielding for your application. If desired, these connections can be built directly into the housing of your product to simplify the environmental sealing.

While this demo only has two contact pairs, this technology can be easily adapted to as many contacts as you need. Please note that multiple contact pairs can result from a single magnet. For example, we’ve built prototypes of a 6 pin single-magnet connector with over 4 pounds of contact force in an array less than 1/2” on a side with a connector on one side 1/8” thick and with the other side 1/4” thick.

Wondering if this technology can do ...?


The main purpose of the examples above is to demonstrate some of the capabilities of our patented, patent-pending and trade secret technologies.  If you need more information on what is demonstrated above, in particular, whether it is possible to achieve a specific capability with your product, please contact us to start a dialogue.